Vega Capital Group bridges the gap between investor and advisor, ensuring that clients receive the individualized attention they require.

  • Executive Summary

    Vega Capital Group LLC (VCG) is a boutique investment management firm specializing in asset and risk management for high net worth individuals. We employ a variety of proprietary strategies to deliver superior performance to our clients. VCG works closely with clients to identify their expectations, risk tolerances, and objectives. We do not have generic templates or universal "one size fits all" asset allocation models.

    What we do have, however, are clients with ever-changing goals and requirements. We design and implement sophisticated investment strategies, drawing on our expertise across all asset classes. Our investment portfolios include fixed income (Vega Safety), equity (Vega Equity Star) and alternative investments (Vega Inevitable). We strive to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns by utilizing disciplined, time-tested processes developed and executed by our team of highly qualified and experienced asset management professionals.

    VCG's approach is anchored in the belief that successful investment management is both a science and an art. We harness technological innovation and intellectual capital to provide investors with optimal investment performance, and to monitor risk. Client performance objectives are met through the application of powerful analytics, qualitative research, and collective intelligence.

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